Bowl of Goodness!

The winter winds in Chicago can be “Chilling” and getting out of the house can sometimes be a less than pleasant experience for me.  Luckily last Saturday was a “good day”, most of the snow had melted away, though still COLD!

Well, I recently moved from Arizona to Chicago…and all I can say is I am handling the Chicago winters extremely well!

OK, back to the point, my husband and I decided to have a lunch date in Chicago downtown. Back in Arizona I had a favorite Chinese place and since the move I haven’t yet found “the one” Chinese food place yet.

We came across this Chinese restaurant “Topwok”, and decided to give it a try. The place had a nice ambiance and it was pretty packed too. The service was great and the food was authentic.

The portion size was huge, which meant I could take it home and eat it again! (YAY) :).  I may have found my new favorite Chinese place though still not as good as the one in AZ.



My photography skills may not do justice to this, but the food was good!

Let me know what is your favorite kind of food?




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