Siblings Love!

This week I wanted to talk about my baby sister (not a baby anymore) and me.

She was mistaken for a boy for quite a while (probably because of the short hair, ha-ha).  I am seven years older than her. As a baby she was super clingy!! She wanted everything I had, tore everything I loved apart (typical sibling rivalry).  Mom kept saying I had to be nice to her because she is “small” (not fair… right, seems funny now). But, I was also (still am) super protective about her.

I remember bringing my neighborhood friends’ home every day when she was a newborn, which annoyed the crap out of my mom mainly because we were all rolled up in sweat and mud from playing outside and had to be constantly reminded to wash our hands before touching her.

We played dress up and ruined mom’s clothes and makeup…danced to the songs on the radio and when she had exams, I made question papers for her to answer and graded her, like a teacher…those days were fun :).

She is the best sister and best friend I could ever ask for <3.

What is your favorite childhood memory?




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