Keeping Up With the Expectations!

I was watching a TV show, America’s Smartest Kids, and these kids have an average IQ of 152! WOW! I have never actually checked my IQ, but I’m definitely sure it’s not even close (ha-ha). These 12-13yr old solve complex math questions, spell gigantic words in a matter of seconds and I sometimes still find myself using my fingers to count. I keep my husband handy to calculate all the prices of discounted items while shopping (can’t deal with all the math). As far as spellings go… auto correct can take care of it.

I got nostalgic about my childhood and thought I’ll write about it.

book_and_applesBorn into an Indian family, education is the only thing that mattered in my household. You either become an Engineer or you become a Doctor! (So I am an Engineer). Any other talents like musician, painter, writer, etc. were all considered hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, getting a good education is very important and I’m thankful I got one. It was sometimes stressful to meet the family expectations and to please them all times.

Growing up, I remember my parents being more concerned with the other kids’ scores or grade. If they were better than mine, a family meeting was arranged to discuss what needs to be fixed, even though I may have been in the top five in the class. I used to play volleyball in school and a year in college, but it was coming in between my study time and gave up voluntarily. I regret that sometimes…

As soon as you finish your 11th grade exams, you are enrolled for tuitions for the 12th grade during the school break that can be for 5-6 hours a day with only 1 day off! So much for a break! 12th grade is the most crucial year in any kids’ life. This year’s grades decides if you can become a doctor or engineer or just any REGULAR graduate.

The education system can sometimes be hard on kids. Every year there are numerous stories in the newspaper about kids committing suicide over their grades. They are ashamed to face the world and mostly their parents. Is anyone’s grade more important than their life? That kid could have been anything he/she wanted, anything would have been better than dying, right?

No kid should ever be so scared to talk to their parents about what they want to do with their life. These years are the most fragile year of any kid’s life. Parents need to realize not all kids are meant to be Doctors or Engineers, who would then act in movies or make music… no one would play basketball, baseball or any other sports in the world! Not all parents are the same… but during my time, most of them were.

Whenever I read a student suicide in the newspapers, I promised myself that my kid will have the freedom to pursue what he/she desires and has a great deal of passion. Ultimately, all want their kids to be ALIVE and happy!

Love your kids unconditionally…




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