For the past couple of months I have been neglecting my workouts. I blame the winters, all I wanted to do was to wrap myself around blankets and binge watch Netflix! Netflix can be addicting…

I have a gym in my apartment complex, but wearing layers and layers of clothes to go to the gym didn’t seem worth it. Also, I am more of an outdoor person… I like walking, riding my bike or the occasional running and breathing fresh air. Naturally, since I wasn’t able to do any of them…there may have been some gain in lbs. (I can neither confirm nor deny it). I am not fat, but I don’t feel fit. Though I did workout, I wasn’t religious with it.

So, this Sunday I decided I need to do something about it.  I decided to journal my workouts to keep myself accountable.

Sunday: Husband and I went on a 4 mile walk for 65 mins. By the time we reached home none of us could feel our fingers and toes! (Too cold weather).

Calories burnt: 350 (not a lot, but every calorie counts).

Monday: Walked on the treadmill for 65 mins without any break, distance covered 2.8 miles

Speed: 2.8               Incline: 8.5

Calories burnt: 600

Drinking chocolate milk after every workout is the best for post workout recovery.

I eat healthy and eat out only once a week.




9 thoughts on “TIME to WORKOUT!

  1. Hi you! Writing about your workouts will help you. Also talking to others about it. Just start a conversation about working out. I do this to push myself to keep working out. I take my gym-bag, with all my clothes to the office. I change into my sport outfit at work. I don’t go home before going to the gym. I just leave work in my sport-gear and I go straight to the gym.

    Netflix on a binge is very comfy but it doesn’t feel better than that feeling a good run.

    Keep up to good work.

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