670px-Successfully-Fake-Being-Sick-Step-2My morning started with a sharp pain in my right lower abdomen. Horrible, horrible pain… I’m guessing something I ate the previous night didn’t agree with me. I had 2 cups of chamomile tea…loads and loads of water. Hot compress did help a little too. I felt better after a couple of HOURS! Soon the pain returned  and I was scared and after a second session of crying, I called my husband from work…. He rushed home (he is so amazing). As soon as he came home , the pain had reduced. Drank more water. Soon I was exhausted  and I fell asleep and slept for a good 2 hours. My husband made rice for me and I ate that with Yoghurt (Indian bland food), which I must say was really soothing to my stomach. The stomach ache was all gone…like it never existed!

Just when I thought I am done with dealing with pain for the day, the end up with a horrible headache… initially I thought it was because I didn’t get my daily dose of caffeine but then I realized it was sinusitis! Luckily I have a humidifier and I had my face close to it for a past couple of hours and now it seems like my sinuses have cleared!

So finally I am pain free (knock on wood). I am so glad this painful day is over.

Have a great weekend everyone!




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