It has been a rainy, windy and cold, almost depressing day. But I didn’t want to stay at home too. So we went out for a drive and when that got boring went to Barnes & Noble which immediately brightens my mood. Going to bookstores has always been fun and exciting to me. Even though I think most books are overpriced… looking at them makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I always manage to buy a couple of books from the bargain section.

FullSizeRenderThis is the first book I bought today. I loved reading Devil Wears Prada and this is the second book and I had to buy it! Looked interesting will let you know if I loved it or not.

IMG_3942This book I had to absolutely buy! I have grown up reading Archie’s comics and it had been a while since I saw these books in the store. I remember the school days reading them under my blanket with a torch light way past my bed time… fun days. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it and it was the only book available. It was like I was meant to buy it and read it.

Jughead is my all time favorite character. He loves food and is very lazy… and guess what!! I am lazy and love food too! 🙂

Who is your favorite character and why?





13 thoughts on “BOOKS – MY BEST FRIEND!

  1. I saw your comment on the community pool and just had to visit! I adore books! I have a really vivid imagination and get lost in the scenes, it’s just like watching a movie, but better! I have a kindle as well, but I like seeing the physical book and feeling the pages.

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  2. I like that you successfully wrote a post that was short and sweet. That’s hard.
    I like your taste in books, too, these are books I would like to get around to. I liked The Devil Wears Prada, had no idea that there was a sequel.
    When I think of Barnes and Noble, I’m saddened by the memory of Borders.

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  3. I love reading books, I even have a separate book blog. 😀 Books & travelling are my loves. 😀 I try to buy books during travels. But going to bookstores is very dangerous for me, I could spend all my money there, no matter how big budget I have…
    I don’t have any favourite characters. I have favourite books and comics… a long list… 😉

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