Volunteer Appreciation Day!

Yesterday was a good day. It was “Volunteer Appreciation Day” at the school (I volunteer as a math teacher couple of times a week in an elementary school). The teachers are always grateful for all the help they can get throughout the year. I always look forward to go to school every week. We were given these as a souvenir, a token of their appreciation.


One of my students also got me Snicker chocolate bar and did I mention there were doughnuts (all that sugar)!

Being a teacher can be very challenging. Anyone who is an educator by profession… you guys are amazing! It’s challenging to keep the child motivated to learn. Sometimes, it can be hard not to lose your patience when they take months to learn something. But, when I look at their sweet innocent faces and if I know they are genuinely trying, I just can’t get mad.

At the end of the day, even if 1 student learns something more than he/she knew yesterday, my day and my time was worth it.




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