The kids at school are quite friendly now and love talking about stuff other than math. I absolutely love it!  I love talkative kids. They can be pretty creative and it’s always fun to know how things work in their tiny heads.

Today I wanted to share a few of my conversations with the third graders.

  • Me: Do you know what 4 times 4 is?

Kid: that’s easy…it’s 16. You can ask me ‘more tough’ questions, it’s OK.

Me: Oh Ok, Good to know that. (I soon learnt he knows his 12 times multiplications too!)

  • Me: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Kid: I want to be a police officer.

Me: That is very cool. Why do you want to be a police officer?

Kid: Then I can eat a lot, and I love to eat!

Me: Oh really? Who told you that?

Kid: I saw that on TV and they get to drink milkshakes, eat donuts and fries!

Me: Hmmm…that’s an interesting reason!

  • Kid: Mom says, if I don’t study, I will be grounded.Me: So do you study every day after you go home?

Kid: Yes, I study, but sometimes I play with my friends outside too.

Me: that’s good. You need to have fun too. So, do you watch TV/cartoons too?

Kid: Oh, I watch TV only in the mornings. I wake up every day at 6:08am and watch TV for 1 hour with my brother. Mom wakes up with me sometimes too!

Me (in my head): This kid is awesome!

  • Kid: my brother is much smarter than me. He solves all the math questions faster than me.

Me: How old is he?

Kid: He is in the 6th grade

Me: He solves them quicker because he is older than you. But you are quick and smart too. Once you are in the 6th grade you will be able to be as quick as him.

Kid (eyes immediately glows and feels very proud)

  • One day while the kid was solving a math question, looks up to me and says, “I like zombies…they are cool and I am going to California on a vacation!”






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