I am reposting all of my Zentangle artwork as requested by a fellow blogger friend, https://thekyleinator.wordpress.com . I have also included a new artwork done a while back but forgot to post.

Since I have a few new  followers, it would be great if they could check them out too.













whew that was a lot!!



17 thoughts on “ZENTANGLE – RECAP!

    1. Thanks for checking them out!
      Zentangle is basically an art form that’s relaxing and fun. It increases focus and creativity. It includes repetitive patterns.
      I use Micro Pigment ink – Archival Ink. Hope this info helps. 🙂

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  1. Zentangle is a bit like mandala drawing. I can see how it might help with focus, but it also seems like something that would drive me batty. I am more “impatient” about conveying a particular thought in my work. Patterns feel like routine labor. I did a poster in stipple once, and I don’t know if I’d have the stamina to do another:P And, that’s just pecking dots. Imagine if I was making fishnet everywhere or checkers.

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    1. I have no patience either. I love sketching and most of my sketches in my posts took me 45-1 hr. Trying to develop it now. It is sort of mandalas but mandala are circular.


      1. Oh, I have patience. But, it waxes and wanes, depending on the circumstances. I suppose some would say I am just making excuses. And, maybe, given different circumstances–like companionship and atmosphere–I might give the patterns a better try. Who knows.

        I spend extensive time on my work, too, patience or not. Sometimes it feels like I am taking too long. But, I don’t call anything a sketch unless it’s purely light pencil. Otherwise, it’s a drawing.

        Yes, mandalas are usually circular. But, I know those who have adapted them to other shapes, too.

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      1. I know! Now that the weather has gotten nice, we’ve been literally either working on the house or being out of it. I was just telling Mike today that I haven’t even been able to use my art kit he bought me because I’m so busy and comatose. Lol. I need to focus!


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