Sunday mornings are always meant for sleeping in. I woke up at around 9am more tired than I was last night. Oversleeping can do that to me sometimes. I had my hot cup of coffee and laid on my bed and made myself all cozy again.


The weather has been horrible as usual. The husband decides to go for a run in this weather. I was too sore and tired from my workout yesterday and didn’t want to waste my energy on convincing him not to go and so he ran!



Husband is back after an hour of running and as soon as he is done showering wants to eat at Denny’s! I love Denny’s… but once we saw the long lines at 2 different locations and 50 minutes wait, we decided waiting wouldn’t be a good option since he was starting to get ‘hangry’!

We then decided to eat a local Pancake place which had 15-20 minutes wait. The food was amazing. I always plan on clicking pictures of my food, but once the food arrives, I forget all about it.

We also had visitors at this pancake house. I love how they stay so close to their mom.


Now we are back home from running all our errands and the weather forecast says it’s going to rain for the rest of the day.





4 thoughts on “LAZY SUNDAY!

  1. We sleep in on Sundays til about 7:15 or so…well its longer than we sleep on Weekdays. Then we do breakfast usually out before heading to church. Sunday’s have a very different rhythm to them…like Saturdays.

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