This was the best weekend in a really long time for my husband and me! We don’t have a lot of family close by…most of them are in a different continent. But, my cousin and her husband (5 hours’ drive away from my place) had some work in Chicago and decided to come with her family. She has a 4 year old boy and 1 year old twins (a boy and a girl).

The last time we saw them, they were learning to crawl and now they run! Kids grow up so fast. As soon as the twins saw me, they ran up to me like they already knew me…and they give the sweetest and the warmest hugs.

Baby girl and I took millions of selfies, and she is a good photographer too! She knows her alphabets from A to C. She even cries Aaaaa…Bbbbb…Ccccc… (Hilarious).

Baby boy is an athlete. He loves running in circles, climbing and being held. He loves being the center of attention.

The older boy was very shy and I had to bribe him with cupcakes to talk to me (I knew he needed to be bribed so I was prepared).

I admire my cousin sister a lot! I have always looked up to her. She is an Oncologist and even after a long day of work at the hospital, she has the energy to play with them, and give them all the attention they need. Her husband is a great help too. My husband and I were pooped and even had sore arms from carrying them and playing with them for 3-4 hours!

Their older son turns 5 next week and I wanted to paint him something. I found out the CARS is his favorite movie, so I painted one for him. I think he loved it… I saw him keeping it away from his brother and sister’s reach and even discussed with his mom where he would like to hang it in his room.


Hope you guys had a great weekend too!




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