A 5th grade student, I tutor is quite a conversationalist! As soon as she sees me, her first question is, “Can I see your drawings?”, and my answer always is, “Only if you solve all the questions I prepared for you”. She immediately complies…

I wanted to share a recent conversation we had:

Me: Do you like math better or science?

Her: I looooove Science…

Me: Why do you looooove science?

Her: It’s so much fun and I have decided what I want to do

Me: What have you decided?

Her: I want to make a potion which can change eyeball colors

Me: how does it work, you mean you want to be a scientist?

Her: Just like eye drops, 3 drops and your eye color changes… ta-daaa

Me: hmm….that sounds interesting, but if they didn’t like the new color can you change to their original eye color?

Her: uh…I didn’t think about that!

Me: If they put in extra drops will they go blind?

Her: If they go blind, I will do surgery and fix it

Me: but for that you need to be an eye surgeon…you know like a doctor

Her: (thinks about it for a while) I would like to become an eye doctor and a scientist, but I will need to think about it for some more time

Me: OK, but I like your idea a LOT (gave her two thumbs up)

Her: Thanks, now let’s solve some more math questions…

So, in the future you come across eye drops which can change your eye color, you’ll know it was the idea of this little fifth grade girl!





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