I have always wanted to try to do a detox. This is my first time ever and I didn’t want to starve myself (starving sucks…food rocks!).

So, I did some research and found one which could work for me. My goal was mainly to cleanse my system, and if I did lose some weight, great…if not, no problem at all.

I ordered the GNC®– Complete Body Cleansing, 7-Day Program from Amazon which was around $12 cheaper than the store price. It is an all-natural system cleanse.

Foods to limit: dairy, eggs, processed/canned foods, caffeine. Gluten and artificial preservatives.

Foods to choose: Soy milk, brown rice, soy cheese, organic fruits and veggies with loads of water, fish, skinless poultry

All natural spices and condiments. Rice pasta, quinoa, and rice bread

Oils: olive oil, sesame oil, flax and clarified butter

I thought it would be great to journal my experience.


fiber IMG_4514 am

I need my daily coffee, but I started my morning with

– banana smoothie with a powder

– AM pills. Those pills are huge. My morning was groggy since I was deprived of caffeine and I don’t recall my morning.


lunch probiotic green

-Brown rice with chicken curry

-1 cup of decaf green tea with lemon

-1 probiotic pill


kale Baked Kale chips, [mix olive oil with soy cheese and bake in the oven for 7-8 mins at 375 degrees]

By evening, my headache was unbearable, so I caved…I had a cup of coffee with a little soy milk.

30 minutes in and I felt ‘normal’.


pm pasta

-Garlic spaghetti [rice noodles]

-PM tablets

Day 1 went fine. I was full the whole time… except for the coffee.



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