My husband had some work for 3-4 hours in downtown Chicago, which meant I get to visit all the shopping stores alone and look around for good deals. The weather was good too!

After almost 3 hours of walking and looking around and buying a couple of stuff, I needed a break. So, I entered a shopping plaza where I sat for a while. Just when I was about to leave, I was pulled by a salesman in a kiosk.

I am one of those people who walks faster when approached by any salesman or politely say “No, Thank you” with a smile before they begin their pitch.

But this guy named ‘Michael – from Italy’ didn’t let go of my hand.

Him – Do you want flawless skin?

Me – Of course, who doesn’t!

For him, I was an easy target since I do not have FLAWLESS skin.

Him – Let me show you a sample

I said ok since I had time to kill and it’s not easy to sell me anything.

He showed me this product “Diamond Infused Facial Peel – Forever Flawless” and put some on my wrist and rubbed it off with a cotton ball and said “this is all the dry skin I just removed”.

Me – OK

Him – If you apply this on your face twice a week for 1 month and after that only once a week, your skin will look amazing! This removes all the dead skin, blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores and it is all natural.

This costs $179 if you buy it online and it will last you for 2 years.

Me – I am not going to pay that, it’s too expensive!

Him – Oh no, there is a promotion today and I am selling it for $59

Me – That is expensive too

Him – But if you buy this, you won’t have to buy anything for 2 years and if your skin is fixed by summer, you won’t have to worry during the harsh winters. Also, if you come next week I’ll do a $300 worth of facial free!

He spent more time convincing and I don’t know why (maybe I spent too much time in the sun or I was too tired) I said OK and I bought it and paid $65 after taxes. After I bought it, I didn’t feel happy about my purchase. I have never spent that kind of money on any skin care product. I still had 20 more minutes to kill. So, I sat down and took out my phone just to read the reviews ( which I usually do, before I buy anything) and to my shock all said it’s a horrible scam and how they weren’t able to return it!! They spoke of scenarios they experienced and they were just like mine…

I was angry at myself for being scammed and the receipt said there would be no refund only exchanges.  After a couple of minutes I calmed myself thought of something and went up him and said,

Me – I need to return this

Him – but why (looking concerned)

Me – My husband is very furious with me for this purchase and wants me to return this immediately!

Him – your husband doesn’t want you to have good skin or look good? That is strange…

Me – I don’t know, but he doesn’t want me buying this (trying to look distressed)

Him – OK, then I will take it back and return your money

I was relieved when I heard those magical words!

I met my husband after some time and told him how I was scammed but I managed to get my money back and how I told Michael the kiosk guy that he was furious (that’s funny because my husband is the most calm and patient guy in the universe!).

Has anyone ever bought any expensive skincare product from a Kiosk?

How was your weekend?




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