Funny conversation at a restroom
A mother with toddlers ( 1 boy and 1girl) is in a restroom. I could hear their conversation, which went like this.  

Girl child: mommy, we should always wash our hands after we go pee pee, right?

Mommy: yes honey, that’s right. We need to keep our hands clean all the time.  

Girl tells her brother: see I told you, go wash your hands right now!

Boy: na aa, when I go with daddy, he never washes his hands and I don’t either. Boys don’t need to. 

By this time the mom saw me and must have felt embarrassed by all this… 

She then says to her son: I don’t know why daddy said or did that, but you have to wash your hands every single time. I’ll tell daddy to wash his hands too..ok?

Boy: Ok mommy. 





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