The past week has been very eventful. The day after we landed in India we started apartment hunting for rent. Apartment hunting is never fun, so we hired multiple realtors to help us out. 

Well, who knew the realtors would be annoying as hell! They have absolutely no respect for other people’s time and I hate people who do not value time. When asked how long would it take to reach, its always 2 minutes… well that means see you in 30 minutes!! Being nice takes you nowhere. If you need anything accomplished yelling your guts out is the way.

Pedestrians on the road. And 2 wheelers own the sidewalk. Walking on the streets seems to be their birthright just like cows. Stopping the car in the middle of the road to say ‘hi’ to a friend across the street seems normal too. I wish someday they start manufacturing hornless cars specially for India. Everyone seems to be in a hurry at all times.
But, we finally found an apartment we absolutely love and we move in a couple of days (Whoop… whoop)!!

3 thoughts on “THE APARTMENT HUNT!

  1. Glad you managed to find a place – you’re right, it’s not easy, especially when you throw cultural differences into the mix! I hope those little annoyances with turn to charms for you. Happy blogging! Jessica

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