I feel as though I have rocks for eyelids… can’t seem to keep my eyes open. Coffee isn’t doing its trick.

For all my US friends, enjoy your Sunday night, because when it’s Monday morning to you, I’ll be almost done with it… hahaha (I’m mean on Monday mornings)!






Guess who just turned 30!!!

I found this post hilarious, because just last week my mom reminded me that I’ll be turning 30 in a week and it’s high time I think about having a baby!


The past few weeks have been extremely tedious and I have finally settled in my new place. I did have a couple of breakdowns, but at the end of the day my husband tries to make everything better.

Today, I plan on doing nothing but relax and eat. I have managed to lose some lbs and I plan on keeping them away from me.

Have a great day!!



Types of people in the airport/airplane!

I encountered these kind of people while I was flying recently!

The first timers :
These people click family pictures from the time they enter the airport till they walk in the airplane aisle. The sole purpose of these pictures is to post them on Facebook. Under a fake tree, food court…you name it and they have a picture of it.
The ‘I’m better than you’: 
Screaming with their headphones on and total disregard for the rest of the passengers. People do not say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. Whenever I said it, they looked at me like I am from a different planet! Calling out for the stewardess loudly even though they have a button to press…this infuriates me!
‘Turn off your cell phone or put it on airplane mode’ is not meant for me:
The crew spent 10 mins just providing all the safety rules and regulations but some just ignore them. I loved how the stewardess walked up to the passenger and told her that the entire flight is being delayed because of her and she needs to follow the rules.
It was also funny how everyone unfastened their seat belts in sync as soon as the “fasten your seatbelt” sign went off. It felt like they have been practicing this for a long time (ha ha).


The past week has been very eventful. The day after we landed in India we started apartment hunting for rent. Apartment hunting is never fun, so we hired multiple realtors to help us out. 

Well, who knew the realtors would be annoying as hell! They have absolutely no respect for other people’s time and I hate people who do not value time. When asked how long would it take to reach, its always 2 minutes… well that means see you in 30 minutes!! Being nice takes you nowhere. If you need anything accomplished yelling your guts out is the way.

Pedestrians on the road. And 2 wheelers own the sidewalk. Walking on the streets seems to be their birthright just like cows. Stopping the car in the middle of the road to say ‘hi’ to a friend across the street seems normal too. I wish someday they start manufacturing hornless cars specially for India. Everyone seems to be in a hurry at all times.
But, we finally found an apartment we absolutely love and we move in a couple of days (Whoop… whoop)!!


Funny conversation at a restroom
A mother with toddlers ( 1 boy and 1girl) is in a restroom. I could hear their conversation, which went like this.  

Girl child: mommy, we should always wash our hands after we go pee pee, right?

Mommy: yes honey, that’s right. We need to keep our hands clean all the time.  

Girl tells her brother: see I told you, go wash your hands right now!

Boy: na aa, when I go with daddy, he never washes his hands and I don’t either. Boys don’t need to. 

By this time the mom saw me and must have felt embarrassed by all this… 

She then says to her son: I don’t know why daddy said or did that, but you have to wash your hands every single time. I’ll tell daddy to wash his hands too..ok?

Boy: Ok mommy. 




I am moving to India in a couple of weeks. We have been planning this move for almost 6 months, but now it’s all getting realistic! I am not exactly sure how I feel about it. I am a little stressed about the move. Some days I just want to be done with it.

Life here is getting monotonous and nothing feels challenging anymore. We have family there… Friends… All we need.

This weekend, I started packing and boxing stuff that I would take with me in advance since they need to be shipped and the boxes may take a couple of months to arrive. Some days I want to cry, but some days I get excited.

I know a lot of people do not want any kind of change just because they get comfortable. I believe one must try to experience everything want in life. I know a lot of people who crib (sometimes me too) about their situation, but are too afraid to try something different with the fear of failing.

I think it’s OK to fail, as long as you tried. It’s easy to look at other’s success and think, ‘they are so lucky’ or ‘they are so blessed’, but no one realizes they had to struggle too and do something out of their comfort zone.

I maybe be rambling right now, maybe that’s because my thoughts are all over the place, or I do not know what’s in store in my future, but I am trying to be positive.