For anyone who has heard or attended any Indian weddings, would know that the pre-wedding, wedding and the post wedding rituals/ceremonies can be very draining, especially for the bride and the groom.


Maldives was our honeymoon destination! Maldives, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea area…an absolute paradise. The Resort seemed like heaven on earth! The weather was pleasant with occasional rains (lasted for 15-20 mins).


We had a pretty villa facing the beach and waking up every morning to this for a week was amazing and very romantic!

The elaborate breakfast and dinners were to die for and believe me when I say this, we ate like there was no tomorrow :). The couple’s spa was the best spa experience we ever had. We also did the usual tourist stuff.

It is definitely a great place to unwind and relax and I hope to go back someday again.



Made a new Friend!

A couple of years ago, my husband had to take a business trip to Virginia for 3-4 days. So, we decided that I would join him on the trip, but if I had to visit Washington D.C, I would have to do it on my own. He had a very packed schedule.

The day after we landed I decided to do all the touristy stuff. I noted down all the bus and train routes, schedules and bus stops. That day was extremely cold and windy(for me). I waited for the bus for 20 minutes, I couldn’t handle the cold anymore, so I decided to go back to my hotel and give this another try tomorrow (I’m SO glad I did!).

So the next day, thankfully not as cold or windy, I decided I would visit D.C no matter what! I took a cab to the Bus station and hoped I do not get into the wrong bus. Once I got into the bus to DC I decided to check at which stop I needed to get off.

angelditedThat’s how I met Angelica! I asked her for directions and turns out she too was travelling alone to DC for the first time (YAY)! She was from Brazil and was in Virginia for a couple of days for a seminar. We soon sat together and bonded like we were long lost friends. We decided to go sightseeing together and even planned out on how we would cover all the places during the hour long bus ride. She was a great company. We had so much fun, clicked loads of pictures and neither of us missed our husbands!!

At the end of the day we exchanged our numbers and added each other on Facebook and WhatsApp. She was leaving the next day so we had to say our goodbyes.

I am so glad I spoke to her that day on the bus, or else the trip wouldn’t be the same nor would have I made a new friend. And we still are in touch!

This is one of my most memorable trips.

What is yours? I would love to hear your story.





I watched The Lion King yesterday, hence the title!

I had a nightmare, that I have been abducted. The in-between details are hazy, but I somehow survived that gruesome ordeal. (I think I am watching a lot of CSI). Sometimes dreams can feel so real.

For the past couple of days I have been feeling anxious, for reasons unknown. There is even an app to check anxiety levels. So, I took the test and the result was “Mild Anxiety”. I have never felt the way I have the past days so I have no clue on what I need to do. Drinking chamomile tea does make me feel better, been drawing a lot …that calms me down too.


This picture was taken in Payson, AZ. I simply love this picture. The view is so calm and serene. Isn’t nature just wonderful! It has it’s own way of showing that the world is such a beautiful place. I have been looking at this picture the whole day and also is my desktop background now.

Until next time… HAKUNA MATATA.




I visited the Taj Mahal when I travelled to India a couple of years ago. The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world and naturally a great tourist attraction! I wanted to share a few pictures I took of the monument.


  • It is estimated to have taken more than 22,000 people to build this impressive building including laborers, painters, stonecutters, embroidery artists
  • The Taj Mahal takes on different coloring at different times of the day, from a pinkish hue in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden at night when lit by the moon. They say the changing color resembles the changing mood of a woman
  • Built in memory of the Emperors third and most favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal


  • The four sides of the Taj Mahal are perfectly identical creating an astonishingly mirrored image on each side.
  • The full height of the Taj Mahal is 171 meters (561 feet)
  • More than 1,000 elephants were employed to transport the construction materials used to build the Taj


I recommend everyone to visit this place at least once in their lifetime… It will be worth it.



The Happiest Place on Earth!

Last week was M-A-G-I-C-A-L… I went to Disney World!!disney_thumb

My husband and I were going crazy with the snow and wanted some sun badly and what better place than Florida. It was my dream to visit Disney since I was maybe 9 – 10 years old. Everything about the Magic Kingdom made me feel like a kid again. It felt like the princes, princesses and fairies are all real! Snow White and the seven dwarfs is my all time favorite story.

The Festival of Fantasy Parade was amazing. If I could, I would watch it every day with the same level of excitement for the rest of my life… It was fun to watch all the kids scream with excitement when they saw their favorite characters and tell their parents that it was the best day of their life!! (Awwww).

My husband usually doesn’t like the roller coaster kind of rides, but guess what… he sat in all of the rides with me and enjoyed all of them. The fireworks at the end of the day, was just spectacular!

We visited the Hollywood Studios too, but the Magic Kingdom was hands down the best!

Now that I am back home, all I do is think about my vacation and draw Disney characters… (Which I will post soon). It will be a while till I stop daydreaming about Disney World.



Atlanta On My Mind!

This weekend was spectacular! I was totally frustrated with all the snow, and luckily my husband had a business trip to Atlanta.I had never visited Atlanta, so I happily (gratefully) tagged along with him. I knew he would be busy the whole time and we wouldn’t be able to go sightseeing together, but it didn’t matter. I was excited to explore the city alone!

Day 1, I just checked out the places around our hotel as we landed around midnight and was a little tired. According to me, walking is the best way to explore the city than taking the bus or train. You appreciate the place even more.

polareditedDay 2, Visited the World of Coca Cola! I must say it was an amazing place. There was a 60 minute tour and even taste tested most of the flavors (a few of them were pretty disgusting!). Met the Polar bear. Even got a Coca-Cola drink bottle as a souvenir!

bakeryeditedOn my way back, I decided to eat in Corner Bakery café, where I met the liveliest server ever. She gave me a big bear hug when she got my food! No one has ever done that to me before, I was so touched. It was Valentine’s Day and I was alone in the café and her warm gesture got me all emotional! On my way out, I gave her a big hug and thanked her for being so sweet and kind to me. I gave her my souvenir Coca-Cola bottle and she so happy! Good people DO really exist.

IMG_3616Day 3, Went to CNN World Headquarters. It has the world’s longest and tallest freestanding escalator. There was a 60 minute tour, showed us around the entire space. It was very informative. I didn’t get to meet any of the reporters, though. The Food court was filled with cheerleaders. Atlanta was having a National CheerSport event and this was the first time I saw thousands of cheerleaders at one place!


The work space made me want to work there too (ha-ha).

Day 4, was leaving day. I had a late evening flight and it was raining all day, so decided to stay in and finish with my packing. I had so much fun these 3 days. I didn’t want to go back to the snow again :(.

magnetedited Whenever I travel to a new place I always buy a magnet of that city/state as a souvenir. It reminds me of all the good times I had. Does anyone else do that?

Now I’m back home and looking over my pictures and missing Atlanta already! Until next time…