In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”flight

I took this picture from my plane while flying from Chicago to Florida trying to escape the cold harsh winters (brrrrr).





This artwork is a mix of Zentangle – Mandala. I’m not sure if this comes under the Mandala category. Anyways, I simply love it!


I hope you like it too!




I had been struggling to take a picture of this little guy for quite a while now. He is the cutest and the fastest little thing. I missed him during the winters and now he is back!

This picture isn’t exactly very clear, but this is the best I could do without freaking him out.





I have recently started including Green juice and smoothies in my diet. I am not exactly a fruit lover, but now I am getting to like them, I enjoy all kinds of vegetables.

I have also been slowly increasing my speed on my treadmill and it’s feels great that I can still breathe easily for 65 minutes (I do not take any breaks in my workout).

65 mins , Speed 3 with incline of 9.5
3.4 miles
Calories : 706

SATURDAY: walked for 4.2 miles for 70 mins
Calories: 380

MONDAY: walked for 4.2 miles for 70 mins
Calories: 380

63 mins , Speed 3 with incline of 9.5
3 miles
Calories : 650

THURSDAY: I spent the whole day cleaning the house and I consider that a workout too!

64 mins , Speed 3.1 with incline of 9.5
3.3 miles
Calories : 700


Have a great day!




I have been wanting to draw a mandala for quite some time now. I had to buy a compass (geometry) for this. Who knew my middle school geometry skills would come to some good use!

MANDALA – The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

This took me a couple of days to complete, mainly because this was my first attempt to draw one. But I am very happy with the way it turned out.


Let me know what you all think…




Yesterday was our wedding anniversary! I am married to the most wonderful man in the whole universe.  We have been together for 7 years and married for 4!

We met at our workplace, but it wasn’t love at first sight. We were just good work buddies. Soon he left to join another company and we lost touch.

One day, out of the blue, he called me to wish me on my birthday. I was surprised to hear from him since he is horrible with remembering anyone’s birthday. That day he asked me out for a movie and dinner (our first date!) and we have been together ever since.

That’s how we celebrated our anniversary yesterday too, a movie and dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Reasons why we are perfect for each other:

  1. I can talk for hours and he can listen
  2. He can spend his time watching documentaries and I can doze off immediately (which means I won’t complain when he watches them)
  3. He loves to clean the kitchen counters (a lot) but if the rest of the house is messy, doesn’t bother him. I am more of a ‘the rest of the house needs to be kept clean’ kind of person
  4. He is always calm in any situation and I can freak out immediately
  5. He always has so much faith in my abilities/talents even when I have my doubts, though I think he is smarter (intellectually) than me
  6. He is my biggest motivator. He encouraged me to start this blog
  7. When life sometimes gets messy or complicated, he is my anchor
  8. He thinks he is funny, but I know I’m funnier
  9. We love watching cooking shows together
  10. And most importantly, WE LOVE EACH OTHER TO BITS!